Susanna’s client list speaks directly to her level of success. Her monumental sculptures — as tall as 40 feet (12 meters) — have appeared on 19 cruise ships. Other sculptures — some as long as 50 feet (15 meters) — have been commissioned by Heads of State and acquired by celebrities. – COMMISSIONSCOLLECTIONS

Honorary Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, Susanna has appeared on television both sides of the Atlantic. She has also written articles in various publications about art. Susanna has been a guest speaker at the Seatrade Conference in Miami on the subject of art in the Cruise Industry. Her inspirational poetry, incorporated in her glass sculptures, has been read on the BBC, and presented to Heads of State. Susanna has worked on both sides of the camera. She was the subject of a documentary filmed by two National Geographic filmmakers who captured the length she goes to in researching and creating her life-sized animal sculptures. The movie, entitled 3 Bears, directed and edited by Susanna herself, followed the progressive creative journey of a monumental sculpture to be placed on the cruise ship MS Amsterdam. Filmed in part in the Alaska wilderness, her life is endangered multiple times when 1000-pound grizzly bears come within 10 feet of her. An accomplished filmmaker herself, she produced and directed the documentary ‘Sentient Spheres.’ These spheres were highly-specialized sculptures Susanna designed for a world-tour with performer Andrea Bocelli.