Jumper in Three Phases


Take a moment to pause and reflect

the theme of Jumper in Three Phases.

A thoughtful view one may not expect

although nothing new, to those of intellect

it is the wisdom of the eye that pleases.

And so it is that in nature we discern

what is false, and what is true, likewise we learn.


Watch, as imperiously he turns in flight!

Head high, ears flexed, his movements delight

the very senses, for those who stand and stare,

as he breathes and blows, and breathes the same,

breathes deeply the perfumed air.

With trembling limbs he will pause and prepare

that momentous leap – again and again.


In an instant he searches familiar land.

Breaks from the earth with a flurry of sand,

then gathering strength, sinews tensile and firm,

to reach with a thrust that would summon the senses’

with swift momentum he moves and dances’

in silent suspension he leans and tenses,

while his muscles stretch and burn.


Each bound more urgent than the first!

Each sound a rare and beautiful beat,

that seems to press him relentlessly on

where time and motion have come to meet.

For that indefinable thirst, at first a stirring, begins to burn

in his powerful body heat.


From Jebel Akdar to the sounds of Salalah.

Beneath Shedar, Antares and Altair.

To the pristine desert of crystal and color,

Desolate, dignified, purity that is rare.

He brings beauty, with his stately countenance

to ‘Al-Raml’ whose fearsome resonance

calls for courage beyond compare.


No leather saddle embossed in gold

can ever hope to win, and hold

his devotion. He commands a greater respect.

We cannot extort his obedience –yet!

Honesty, and firm intent

appeal to this gentle temperament

that is primitive, proud and bold.


No man could urge him in this wild pursuit,

nor is it hunger that exerts such a force.

For his willing nature need never refute

it’s own gift of expression, although it is mute,

without word or language, or so it would seem,

he is soundly aware that life’s ultimate dream

lies within. The soul of the horse.