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Susanna Holt is an Honorary Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors

“I was in absolute awe over the emotions that it brought forth in me…”  

– Fred Forsyth – Senior Vice President Apple-Mac (retired)


Feature Documentary


The feature documentary – 3 BEARS commissioned by Holland America Cruise Line, is now completed.

.A rare and never before seen glimpse into the world of Monumental Sculpture creation. This movie follows the life-size commission, from perilous research of Grizzly Bears in Alaska, through all the processes of studio production, to the moment it is installed on the cruise ship:

MS Amsterdam – Holland America Cruise Line


Susanna Holt, a noted sculptress has nailed it again! – Having spent years with Columbia Pictures and Thomas & Shipp films, I have now witnessed a remarkable documentary entitled – 3 BEARS – Susanna has captured the true spirit of the wild and gives the audience an education of how a foundry completes the process – 3-cheers!

Saul Dirmantas – Columbia Pictures and Ship Films


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