Film making has become an important adjunct to the creation of my sculptures, the message, and celebration of our love for animals.

I now offer the option of producing a feature-documentary movie together with your commissioned sculpture. This would follow the process of creating the personalized animalia sculpture subject that you choose, from conception to final installation in your particular location. This will provide further marketing tools for your company, and unique offering to your clients. Or a personal record of a unique journey of your sculpture to its completion. 

Each animal requires dedicated research, sometimes even dangerous, research in the wild. Each sculpture is constructed by different methods, and the journey  is often filled with unique adventure. This is always thrilling.

My feature documentary 3 BEARS follows the creation, from concept to installation, of a life-size sculpture depicting three bears. Mama bear, her yearling cub and baby bear. Commissioned by Holland America Cruise Line, and installed on the cruise ship MS Amsterdam.

This production was filmed in conjunction with two National Geographic film makers. The narrative, the editing, and much of the filming was undertaken by myself, this, my second film production. I have received some wonderful testimonials from heavyweights in the industry!

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This production release is delayed until 2022

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