Quality is so important** It’s essential to go the extra mile to achieve this kind of finish, and if polished like a piece of fine furniture, the surface patina will last a lifetime.


The single sea lion bellow creates a presence when mounted on a pedestal above the crowd.

This view from the interior of MS Rotterdam seems to invite people to the pool where the bar resides!

Research for this sculpture was one of the happiest times of my life!.


Sea lions are adorable, and incredible athletes in the water. Although competitive with each other, they nestle alongside to lie in the sun, and spar affectionately with their chosen mate.

Sea lions regulate their body temperature by holding one flipper above the water while lying on their side.

Often emotional, they tend to sulk if they are bitten!


Baby Sea Lion

Here is the link to the baby sea lion for sale on my SMALL sculptures link below. 

This is one of my favorite sculptures! – This smaller life-size piece was presented to Her Highness Princess Margriet of Holland – there was an audible gasp as it was unveiled on stage, it was taken to be real!